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Unlock the Magic: 10 Upcoming Events in San Antonio Texas You Simply Can’t Miss!

Upcoming Events in San Antonio Texas


Hello, San Antonio enthusiasts! Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of activities and events taking place in this bustling Texan city? You’re not alone! The thing about San Antonio is that it’s always alive with action, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences that appeal to every age, interest, and culture. And let’s face it; life’s too short to miss out on the fun! That’s why we’re excited to share this ultimate guide to upcoming events in San Antonio Texas, to help you plan your calendar and get the most out of this vibrant city.

With an unbeatable combination of heritage, food, music, and arts, San Antonio truly is the heartbeat of Texas. The diverse tapestry of cultures that have left their mark on the city come alive in its various events. Whether you’re a resident looking to spice up your weekends or a tourist seeking to soak up the local culture, you’re in for a treat. We’ve picked out 10 must-attend upcoming events in San Antonio Texas, detailing everything you need to know from tickets and registration to why you absolutely can’t afford to miss them. So grab your planner because you’re going to want to jot these down!

San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo

San Antonio Livestock Show & RodeoWhere does it take place?

The San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo takes place at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.


Tickets can range from around $20 for basic seats to $200+ for VIP experiences. Children under 3 are usually free as long as they sit in a parent’s lap.

How to Register?

Tickets can be purchased online through the event’s official website or authorized dealers.


The event is organized by the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, a volunteer organization.

Additional Information

The event typically takes place in February and spans over two weeks, hosting a variety of activities including livestock shows, concerts, and of course, the rodeo.

Yee-haw, folks! If you’re itching for an authentic Texan experience, the San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo should be at the top of your list of upcoming events in San Antonio Texas. Imagine this: the air is crisp, the smell of fresh hay and barbeque fills your nostrils, and the excitement in the arena is palpable. You’re surrounded by cowboys and cowgirls, all eagerly awaiting the rodeo’s kickoff. This is not just an event; it’s a tradition, a celebration of Texas’ rich agricultural heritage.

What sets this rodeo apart from others is its remarkable scale and the sheer variety of experiences it offers. Aside from the thrilling rodeo competitions featuring barrel racing, bull riding, and roping, there’s an entire livestock show that’s as educational as it is entertaining. You get to see, up close and personal, some of the best breeds of cattle, swine, and sheep. Kids can also enjoy fun activities and learn about agriculture in interactive exhibits. Trust me, it’s an educational extravaganate you’d hate to miss!

And let’s talk about the music because, oh boy, the concerts are something else! Top country and rock artists often headline the event, adding to the all-American vibes. Last year, the event saw performances from big names like Keith Urban and Cardi B, drawing over 2 million visitors over two weeks. Statistics reveal that the rodeo has an estimated annual economic impact of $250 million on San Antonio.

What’s even more impressive is the event’s focus on community and education. Over the years, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo has committed millions of dollars in scholarships, grants, and various educational programs for the youth. So by attending, not only are you in for a rootin’-tootin’ good time, but you’re also supporting a fantastic cause.

So go ahead, put on your best boots and cowboy hat, and mark your calendar for one of the most iconic upcoming events in San Antonio Texas. Whether you’re an exhibitor showing your livestock or a visitor soaking up the fun, the San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo offers a unique chance to experience Texas at its finest.

Fiesta San Antonio

Fiesta San AntonioWhere does it take place?

Fiesta San Antonio is spread across multiple venues around the city, including the downtown area, parks, and historic sites.


Some events within Fiesta are free, while others require a ticket purchase. Ticket prices vary depending on the specific event you’re interested in.

How to Register?

Tickets can be bought online through the Fiesta San Antonio official website, at the venue, or from authorized ticket sellers.


Fiesta San Antonio is organized by the Fiesta San Antonio Commission, a nonprofit organization.

Additional Information

The festival usually occurs in April and spans over 11 days. With over 100 events, including parades, concerts, art exhibitions, and more, it’s one of San Antonio’s most beloved festivals.

Ah, Fiesta San Antonio! Just saying the name brings a whirlwind of colors, sounds, and flavors to mind, doesn’t it? If you’re in San Antonio around April, clear your schedule because this 11-day extravaganza is among the upcoming events in San Antonio Texas that you absolutely can’t skip. Originally started in 1891 as a one-parade event to honor the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto, Fiesta has grown into a multicultural celebration that simply takes over the city.

Picture this: vibrant parades with flower-covered floats and performers in dazzling costumes, evening river parades where boats glide along the San Antonio River Walk decked out in thousands of lights, and electrifying musical performances that cater to every taste, from Tejano and country to rock and jazz. The atmosphere is intoxicating; it’s like the entire city turns into one big block party. As the locals say, “Viva Fiesta!”

But wait, there’s more! Art lovers are in for a treat too. The festival hosts numerous art exhibitions showcasing both local and international talents. Traditional crafts, contemporary pieces, you name it, it’s there. It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the art scene and maybe even take home a piece that catches your eye.

And can we talk about the food? From mouth-watering Tex-Mex to exquisite international cuisine, Fiesta has it all. Food booths and trucks line the streets, offering culinary delights that you’ll be raving about for weeks. And it’s not just about fun; Fiesta also has a charitable side. The event supports numerous local charities and educational programs. In 2019, the economic impact of Fiesta was estimated to be over $340 million, with funds contributing to various community causes.

So, why should you attend Fiesta San Antonio? The better question is, why shouldn’t you? It’s a cultural melting pot, a food lover’s paradise, an art aficionado’s dream, and a music junkie’s haven. It’s a celebration that encapsulates what makes San Antonio unique. And for exhibitors, whether you’re a food vendor or an artist, Fiesta offers the chance to showcase your work to hundreds of thousands of visitors, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

San Antonio Film Festival

San Antonio Film FestivalWhere does it take place?

The San Antonio Film Festival usually takes place at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts and other various locations around the city.


Ticket prices vary depending on the screenings you wish to attend. They usually start around $15 for individual screenings and can go up to $200 for festival passes.

How to Register?

Tickets and festival passes can be purchased online through the event’s official website or at the venue.


The festival is organized by the San Antonio Film Festival, a nonprofit organization focused on showcasing cinematic talent.

Additional Information

The festival usually occurs in late July or early August and lasts for a week. It features a variety of films from documentaries and short films to full-length features.

If you’re a film buff or an aspiring filmmaker, then the San Antonio Film Festival is the place to be. This week-long event is more than just a celebration of cinema; it’s a platform for artists and enthusiasts to connect, engage, and be inspired. I can’t stress enough how this festival stands out among the upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas, especially for those who love storytelling in its most visual form.

The lineup is carefully curated to showcase an array of talents and themes, from thought-provoking documentaries that push the boundaries of conventional wisdom to enthralling narratives that take you on an emotional rollercoaster. But don’t just take my word for it; in 2019, the festival screened over 150 films from around 30 countries! That’s a whole world of stories brought to you in the heart of Texas.

Apart from the films, one of the highlights of the festival is the panel discussions. Industry experts, award-winning filmmakers, and talented newcomers come together to share their experiences and insights. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner looking for your break, these discussions are invaluable. And who knows? You might find your next collaborator or mentor right here.

Now, let’s talk numbers because the statistics here tell a story too. Over the years, the festival has seen exponential growth in attendance. Last year, more than 10,000 film enthusiasts attended, and the festival has been recognized as a significant cultural event, receiving both local and national media coverage. The San Antonio Film Festival is not just a local gem but a burgeoning landmark in the broader landscape of American film festivals.

So why should you attend? Well, if you’re a film lover, the answer is obvious. But even if you’re not, the festival offers a fantastic experience to immerse yourself in different cultures, ideas, and creative expressions. For exhibitors, the benefits are immense. Showcasing your work here puts you on a stage visible to both the public and industry professionals, opening doors for future projects and collaborations. It’s an opportunity, an experience, and a celebration rolled into one.

Texas Folklife Festival

Texas Folklife FestivalWhere does it take place?

The Texas Folklife Festival is traditionally held at the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures, located near the HemisFair Park downtown.


Tickets are generally priced around $12 for adults and $5 for children, with family packages and discounts available.

How to Register?

You can buy tickets online via the festival’s official website or at the venue.


The University of Texas at San Antonio’s Institute of Texan Cultures organizes the festival.

Additional Information

The festival usually takes place in June and lasts for three days. It’s a celebration of the diverse cultures that make up Texas, featuring food, music, crafts, and storytelling.

Now, if you’re keen on diving deep into the rich tapestry of Texan culture, then the Texas Folklife Festival is an event you simply can’t overlook. Among the myriad of upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas, this one stands out as a tribute to diversity and tradition. It’s a family-friendly setting where you can take a cultural journey without even leaving the city.

Picture yourself wandering through the festival grounds, stopping by different booths, each representing a unique Texan culture. You’ll encounter everything from Native American dances to Czech pastries, and Mexican mariachis to German sausages. It’s like taking a trip around the world without needing a passport! And speaking from personal experience, the authentic culinary treats alone are worth the visit. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried the homemade strudels and tamales here!

But the Texas Folklife Festival isn’t just a feast for the taste buds; it’s a treat for the ears and eyes as well. Live performances are an integral part of the festival, and they range from traditional dance forms to contemporary music styles. The festival has multiple stages, each showcasing a different aspect of Texas’ cultural diversity. Last year, over 250 organizations participated, and that number is growing annually.

If you’re still not convinced, let’s talk about its educational impact. The Texas Folklife Festival serves as an open-air museum of sorts, providing cultural education through hands-on activities and interactive exhibits. Think of it as a learning experience wrapped in layers of fun! You’re not just passively observing; you’re actively participating in the traditions, crafts, and stories of diverse cultures. It’s a great way to expose kids and adults alike to the beauty of multiculturalism.

To wrap it up, why should you make it a point to attend this festival? If you’re a visitor, it’s an unmatched opportunity to experience the vibrant cultural mosaic that is Texas. For exhibitors, the festival provides a platform to not only showcase your culture, arts, and crafts but also to engage with a broad audience eager to learn. It’s a win-win for everyone, making it a must-attend among upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas.

San Antonio Beer Festival

San Antonio Beer FestivalWhere does it take place?

The San Antonio Beer Festival is usually held at Dignowity and Lockwood Parks, located on the city’s east side.


Ticket prices vary depending on the type of package you choose, starting from around $30 for general admission to upwards of $75 for VIP access.

How to Register?

Tickets can be purchased online through the festival’s official website or at participating vendors.


The San Antonio Current, a local weekly newspaper, organizes this yearly event.

Additional Information

The festival takes place in October and lasts for one day. It features over 400 premium and craft beers from more than 125 breweries around the world.

I’m genuinely thrilled to share this one with you, especially if you’re a fan of the amber nectar. The San Antonio Beer Festival is among the most-awaited upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas. It’s not just a gathering; it’s a full-fledged celebration of all things beer. Trust me, if you’re a beer lover, this festival is your paradise; and even if you’re not, there’s still plenty for you to enjoy.

Imagine this: a beautiful autumn day, you’re strolling through the picturesque Dignowity and Lockwood Parks, and you have access to a dazzling array of beers from around the globe. From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts and experimental brews, the variety is mind-blowing. In the 2019 edition, attendees sampled from a selection of over 400 beers, hailing from more than 125 breweries. Let that sink in for a second—that’s a world tour of beer in one location!

But it’s not just about the beer—oh no! This festival is a full sensory experience. As you walk around, you’ll find a fantastic lineup of local bands and DJs filling the air with tunes, setting a festive mood. Food trucks are peppered throughout the venue, offering delicious bites that pair perfectly with your beer. Let’s be real, What’s better than good music, tasty food, and great beer?

The San Antonio Beer Festival also has a philanthropic angle. A portion of the event’s proceeds goes to the San Antonio Food Bank, aiding them in their mission to fight hunger in the community. So you’re not just having a good time, but you’re also contributing to a great cause.

Why should you attend the San Antonio Beer Festival? If you’re an attendee, the reason is simple: It’s a day of frothy fun that offers you a chance to sample a wide range of beers you might not otherwise get to try. For exhibitors, especially if you’re a small brewery, the exposure can be invaluable. With thousands of attendees each year, it’s an excellent opportunity to introduce your brews to a broader audience. So mark your calendars, folks, because this is one of those upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas, you won’t want to miss!

San Antonio Spurs Season Games

San Antonio Spurs Season GamesWhere does it take place?

The home games for the San Antonio Spurs take place at the AT&T Center, located at 1 AT&T Center Parkway, San Antonio, Texas.


Ticket prices can vary significantly based on the opponent, seating section, and how far in advance you purchase them. Expect to pay anywhere from $25 for nosebleed sections to hundreds of dollars for courtside seats.

How to Register?

You can buy tickets directly from the San Antonio Spurs’ official website, through the AT&T Center’s box office, or via authorized ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster.


The San Antonio Spurs organization handles these sporting events, under the overarching administration of the NBA.

Additional Information

The NBA season generally starts in October and goes through April, with playoff games potentially extending into June. San Antonio Spurs games are a blend of high-level basketball and local culture, complete with fan events and entertainment.

Now, how can we talk about upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas, without mentioning the city’s pride and joy, the San Antonio Spurs? Whether you’re a die-hard basketball fan or just looking for an electric atmosphere to soak in, attending a Spurs game is a must-do experience.

First, let’s talk about the basketball action. The San Antonio Spurs are one of the most successful teams in NBA history, boasting five championships. The level of play is top-notch, with some of the sport’s most talented athletes gracing the court. But it’s not just about the game; it’s about how the game is played. The Spurs are renowned for their teamwork, often turning basketball into a beautiful ballet of passes, screens, and shots.

The atmosphere at the AT&T Center is equally mesmerizing. The fans, often referred to as the “Sixth Man,” play a crucial role in elevating the team’s performance. There’s an undeniable synergy between the crowd and the players, making for an electrifying experience. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted with the roar of the crowd, the smell of stadium eats, and the palpable anticipation that anything can happen.

Of course, it’s not just about what happens during the game. Pre-game and halftime shows are a spectacle in their own right. From live music to jaw-dropping performances by the Spurs’ Silver Dancers, these interludes add an extra layer of entertainment to the event.

Now, let’s talk stats. The AT&T Center has a seating capacity of about 18,000 for basketball games, and it’s often filled to the brim, especially during critical matchups or playoff games. The energy is so intense; that you can almost touch it. And hey, you never know when you might find yourself on the “Kiss Cam” or catch a T-shirt from the Spurs Coyote, the team’s beloved mascot.

So, why should you attend a San Antonio Spurs game? If you’re a fan, that’s a silly question. But even if you’re not, the atmosphere, the entertainment, and the sheer thrill of the game make it a must-visit. For exhibitors and sponsors, it’s a golden opportunity to get your brand in front of thousands of engaged fans. So folks, if you’re making a list of upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas, to attend, make sure a Spurs game is on it!


Jazz'SAliveWhere does it take place?

Jazz’SAlive is hosted at Travis Park, located in downtown San Antonio.


This is a free event, although VIP packages with exclusive perks are often available for purchase.

How to Register?

No registration is typically needed for general admission. However, if you’re interested in VIP packages, they can be purchased via the event’s official website.


The San Antonio Parks Foundation, in collaboration with various sponsors, organizes this annual event.

Additional Information

The festival usually takes place over a weekend in September and has multiple stages featuring both local and international jazz artists.

Now, for those who find tranquility and excitement in the notes of a saxophone or the rhythms of a double bass, Jazz’SAlive is an event you absolutely cannot miss. Among the vibrant list of upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas, Jazz’SAlive offers a unique blend of relaxation and exhilaration, all set against the backdrop of the scenic Travis Park.

Imagine spending a weekend enveloped in a medley of soulful jazz tunes, from the traditional to the contemporary. The festival isn’t limited to just one style of jazz; it celebrates the genre in its myriad forms. And it’s not just the music—Travis Park transforms into a haven of art and culture. Artists display their works, food vendors offer delectable bites, and interactive installations engage both the young and old.

One of the most charming aspects of Jazz’SAlive is its commitment to education and community outreach. The festival typically hosts workshops, panel discussions, and even impromptu jam sessions where aspiring musicians can learn from the pros. In the 2019 edition, the festival introduced more than 2,000 local students to the intricacies of jazz music through educational initiatives.

Why is Jazz’SAlive so special? It’s not just an event; it’s a celebration of community, art, and of course, fantastic music. Its focus on local talent allows San Antonio’s jazz scene to shine, providing budding artists a platform to engage with larger audiences. While most attendees will talk about the great music, let’s not forget the food. The festival boasts a selection of food trucks that offer a wide variety of culinary delights, from traditional Texan fare to international cuisine.

So why should you attend? For anyone visiting San Antonio, Jazz’SAlive offers an immersive experience of the city’s rich cultural tapestry. It’s also a superb opportunity to enjoy world-class music without the hefty price tag of a concert hall. For exhibitors, particularly those in arts and crafts or food and beverage, the festival’s diverse audience offers a unique platform to showcase your products. In short, Jazz’SAlive is not just an event but an experience, one that captivates your senses and nourishes your soul.

Day of the Dead San Antonio

Day of the Dead San AntonioWhere does it take place?

The Day of the Dead San Antonio celebration happens at various locations across the city, including La Villita Historic Arts Village, Hemisfair Park, and the San Antonio River Walk.


Most activities are free to the public. Special events within the celebration may require ticket purchases.

How to Register?

For free events, generally, no registration is needed. Tickets for specific activities can often be purchased online or at the venue.


The event is organized by a collaborative effort between the city of San Antonio and multiple cultural organizations and sponsors.

Additional Information

Day of the Dead San Antonio usually takes place from late October to early November and spans several days, encompassing various activities such as processions, art installations, live performances, and more.

If you’re looking to experience the richness of Mexican culture fused with Texan charm, then the Day of the Dead San Antonio is an event you cannot afford to miss. It’s not just another date on the list of upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas. Rather, it’s a deeply moving, soulful celebration that captures the spirit of both the living and the departed.

Imagine the city awash in a vivid palette of colors—marigold petals lining the streets, intricately designed sugar skulls adorning storefronts, and altars laden with mementos and photographs. This is an event that truly honors and celebrates those who have passed on, yet does so in a jubilant and profoundly meaningful manner. It’s about love, remembrance, and the joy of life—all interwoven in a tapestry of music, dance, and visual art.

One of the most captivating elements of this celebration is the parade. Known locally as the “Catrinas on the River Parade,” this procession along the San Antonio River Walk is a spectacle of creativity and homage. Dancers, performers, and everyday folks dress up as Catrinas and Catrines—skeletal figures that are iconic to Day of the Dead celebrations—and float down the river in elaborately decorated barges.

The event isn’t just confined to the city’s downtown area; it’s a city-wide celebration. From La Villita Historic Arts Village, with its art installations and traditional Mexican market, to Hemisfair Park, which hosts live music and theatrical performances, there’s no shortage of places to soak in the event’s essence. Educational workshops and panel discussions are often part of the roster, offering insights into the history and significance of Day of the Dead traditions.

So, why should you make the Day of the Dead San Antonio a must-visit? For attendees, it’s a deeply enriching experience that connects you to a centuries-old tradition in a manner that’s both respectful and exhilarating. It’s a place to share stories, create memories, and celebrate life in all its fleeting beauty. For exhibitors, especially those offering handcrafted goods, traditional foods, or cultural experiences, the event provides exposure to a broad and engaged audience eager to partake in the festivities. So if you’re making plans for upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas, the Day of the Dead should be at the top of your list!

Alamo City Comic Con

Alamo City Comic ConWhere does it take place?

Alamo City Comic Con is generally hosted at the Henry B. González Convention Center, located in downtown San Antonio.


Tickets can range from one-day passes at around $30 to VIP packages that can cost upwards of $200.

How to Register?

Tickets can be purchased in advance online via the event’s official website or on-site at the convention center, though advance purchase is highly recommended to skip long lines and secure spots for popular panels.


The event is organized by Apple de la Fuente and his team, who are local to San Antonio.

Additional Information

Alamo City Comic Con usually takes place in the fall and spans over a weekend. The event features a variety of panels, exhibitors, artist alleys, and celebrity guests.

For fans of comics, sci-fi, anime, and pop culture at large, Alamo City Comic Con is an exhilarating whirlwind of all your fandoms colliding into one awesome event. If you’re searching for upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas, this is one that you simply cannot overlook. The atmosphere is electric, filled with the palpable excitement of fans finally letting their geek flags fly high.

The moment you step into the Henry B. González Convention Center, it’s like walking into another dimension. Everywhere you turn, you see cosplayers channeling their favorite characters, from classic superheroes to anime icons. The artistry and dedication that go into these costumes are jaw-dropping, turning the convention center into a living, breathing canvas of pop culture.

Panels and discussions are another big highlight. Here, you have the chance to interact with some of your favorite actors, writers, and artists. You can pick their brains about their work, discover behind-the-scenes tidbits, and even snag an autograph or selfie. According to the 2019 data, the event attracted over 50,000 visitors, making it one of the must-attend comic cons in the region.

But let’s not forget the exhibitors. Rows upon rows of booths offer a treasure trove of memorabilia, comic books, artwork, and unique crafts. It’s the perfect place to find that missing comic book to complete your collection or snag an original piece of art. In fact, many exhibitors report high sales volumes, making it an advantageous venue for sellers as well.

So why should you attend Alamo City Comic Con? For fans, it’s a paradise of all things geeky and awesome. It’s a place to celebrate your passions openly and proudly, to connect with like-minded people, and to take home some cool stuff while you’re at it. For exhibitors, it’s a golden opportunity to showcase your products or artwork to a highly targeted and enthusiastic audience. This is a hub of all things geek culture, and if you’re in or around San Antonio, missing it would be a crime against fandom!

San Antonio Book Festival

San Antonio Book FestivalWhere does it take place?

The San Antonio Book Festival is usually held at the Central Library and the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio.


Most of the festival activities are free and open to the public. However, some special sessions or workshops might require a ticket.

How to Register?

For free events, you usually don’t need to register. For paid workshops or special events, tickets can be purchased online through the festival’s official website.


The San Antonio Public Library Foundation is the key organizer of this enriching event.

Additional Information

The festival generally takes place in April and lasts one day. It features panel discussions, author readings, book signings, food vendors, and a variety of children’s activities.

If you’re a bookworm, an aspiring writer, or simply someone who appreciates a good story, then the San Antonio Book Festival is your utopia. This event is not just a footnote in the list of upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas; it’s a headline act. Trust me, the atmosphere is as electrifying as a thriller novel’s climax, filled with intellectual stimulation and creative inspiration.

Once you arrive at the festival grounds, you’ll be greeted by a labyrinth of book stalls, each offering an inviting window into different worlds. Whether you prefer non-fiction exposés, historical tomes, or the latest bestsellers, you’re guaranteed to find something that piques your interest. In 2019, the festival hosted over 100 authors and presenters, making it a cornucopia of literary talent.

The heart of the festival lies in its panel discussions and author readings. Here, you get to see the minds behind your favorite books. The discussions usually revolve around relevant social issues, storytelling techniques, and the joys and challenges of writing. You could be learning about the meticulous research that goes into a historical fiction novel in one session, and discussing the future of AI in literature in the next.

For families, the festival is a goldmine of activities. From storytelling sessions for kids to workshops on comic book art, there’s no shortage of fun and educational activities to keep the younger ones engaged. It’s an excellent way to nurture a love for reading and creativity in children, making it a must-attend for families.

So, why should you attend the San Antonio Book Festival? If you’re an attendee, it’s a fantastic opportunity to deepen your understanding of literature, discover new authors, and even get your own writing critiqued by professionals. For exhibitors, especially independent authors and publishers, it’s a valuable platform for gaining exposure and connecting with a dedicated audience of book lovers. In summary, whether you’re a reader or a writer, the San Antonio Book Festival is an intellectually enriching experience you won’t want to miss.

Whew, what a journey we’ve been on together, exploring the rich tapestry of upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas! From the spiritual and deeply emotional Day of the Dead celebrations to the pop culture mecca that is the Alamo City Comic Con, San Antonio is more than just a city; it’s a kaleidoscope of cultures, interests, and human expressions. We’ve delved into the intellectual paradise of the San Antonio Book Festival, and trust me, that’s just scratching the surface of what this fantastic city has to offer.

So, why should you mark these events on your calendar? Each event offers something unique and enriching for attendees and exhibitors alike. Whether it’s connecting with like-minded individuals, discovering new facets of your interests, or simply enjoying a day out with friends and family, these events are more than just social gatherings—they’re experiences that enrich your life. For exhibitors, it’s a golden opportunity to showcase your products, talents, or services to an engaged and receptive audience. In short, the benefits are manifold for everyone involved.

If you were looking for things to do in San Antonio, I hope this guide has not only provided answers but also fueled your excitement and curiosity. San Antonio is not just a city to live in; it’s a city to experience, and what better way to do that than by diving headfirst into its vibrant community events? Trust me, take the plunge and you won’t regret it.

I encourage you to explore these fantastic events firsthand. Feel the rhythm, taste the flavors, embrace the intellectual stimulation, and let yourself be carried away by the diverse and rich offerings of San Antonio. Until then, keep the spirit of exploration alive, and I’ll see you around at these incredible events!

Thank you for taking this enriching tour of upcoming events in San Antonio, Texas with me. Whether you’re a local, a frequent visitor, or planning your first trip to this bustling Texan city, there’s always something waiting to be discovered.

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EventsWOW.com is the foremost international leader catered to online B2B and B2C marketplace fervent in exhibitions worldwide to generate effective business leads and earning the integrity of billions of users who will access this website.


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