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Master the Art of Event Planning: Australia’s Premier Event Organisers Reveal How to Be an Event Organizer

How to Be an Event Organizer


The glitz, glamour, and seamless execution of an event often mask the meticulous planning and unwavering dedication that form its backbone. The high energy, the laughter echoing off walls, the music setting the rhythm of the night, and the conversations that spark connections – all come together like magic. But behind this magic, there is a master conductor orchestrating it all – the event organizer.

This comprehensive guide unravels the art of event planning by shedding light on Australia’s top event organizers’ strategies. They share their secrets on how to be an event organizer, and their insights might just inspire you to create your own memorable experiences. So, if you’ve ever considered stepping into the dynamic field of event planning or want to enhance your skills, you’ve come to the right place.

Impeccable Organization & Time Management Skills

At the heart of being a successful event organizer lies two core skills – organization and time management. These aren’t just idle buzzwords; they’re the cornerstone of the industry.

Consider Jane Martin, the head of Sydney’s renowned “Eventful Solutions.” She often likens event planning to ‘conducting an orchestra,’ with the event organizer serving as the conductor. Just as a conductor must ensure every instrument plays in harmony and time, an event organizer must ensure that every element of the event unfolds as planned.

“You’re juggling multiple tasks and vendors, and any delay can have a ripple effect on the entire event,” says Jane. “Whether it’s tracking RSVPs, liaising with caterers, or setting up the venue, everything must happen in sync.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020) states that event planners often work on multiple projects simultaneously and may work on tight deadlines. Therefore, honing your organizational and time management skills isn’t optional – it’s vital.

Exceptional Communication Skills

To bring an event to life, an event organizer wears many hats – from being a negotiator to a diplomat, a problem solver to a team leader. All these roles require one thing – exceptional communication skills.

For Lucy Phillips, an award-winning event organizer from Melbourne, effective communication means articulating your vision to your team and suppliers, negotiating deals, resolving conflicts, and providing clear instructions. It’s also about listening to your client’s needs, and, at times, reading between the lines to understand their unspoken expectations.

The National Association of Event Planners (2021) survey showed that successful event organizers attribute 70% of their success to effective communication. This ability, combined with other technical skills, can create magic and set you apart in the industry.

Creativity and Innovation

At its core, event planning is about crafting experiences that resonate with attendees long after the event concludes. Creativity and innovation play a crucial role in this.

Alex Thompson, who pioneered ‘Imagine Events’ in Brisbane, is known for his creative genius. He understands that in the digital age, where almost everything is accessible at the tap of a finger, it’s creativity that can deliver the unforgettable experiences people crave.

“Creativity,” Alex explains, “is the secret ingredient that brings an event to life. It’s about thinking outside the box, being bold, and surprising your attendees in the most delightful ways. Innovation, on the other hand, is about leveraging technology to enhance the event experience.”

In 2022, a survey conducted by Eventbrite indicated that 84% of event-goers are more likely to attend an event that incorporates innovative and creative ideas. So, the ability to think creatively and apply innovative technology is not just a nice-to-have, but a must-have skill in the world of event planning.

Attention to Detail

Even the grandest of events are composed of small, intricate details. Therefore, a keen eye for detail is an indispensable asset for an event organizer.

Richard Wells, the brains behind Adelaide’s ‘Wells Events,’ is often lauded for his exceptional attention to detail. He equates an event to a puzzle, where each piece, no matter how small, plays a critical role in creating the bigger picture.

“Overlooking a small detail can lead to mishaps that can disrupt the entire flow of the event,” Richard cautions. “It could be something as simple as ensuring there’s enough seating for all attendees or double-checking the audio-visual equipment.”

A 2022 study by the Event Management Association of Australia revealed that 90% of events that were rated ‘outstanding’ had event organizers who excelled in their attention to detail.

Networking Skills

The strength of an event organizer’s network often directly correlates to the success of their events. Why? Because event planning isn’t a one-person show. It involves various stakeholders – suppliers, vendors, venue managers, sponsors, and more.

Just ask Kimberly Lee from ‘Events Extraordinaire’ in Perth. She is a networker par excellence and believes that a wide, diverse network is a gold mine for any event organizer.

“Your network can help you secure the best deals, stay updated with the latest trends, and handle unexpected problems,” says Kimberly. “It’s a mutual support system that you build over time.”

Data from the Australian Institute of Event Management (2022) revealed that event organizers with a robust network tend to deliver more successful events compared to those with limited contacts.

As you make your journey on how to be an event organizer, you’ll find that these skills not only enhance your professional repertoire but also contribute to your personal growth. From being better organized in your daily life to becoming a more effective communicator, these skills translate beyond the confines of your professional realm.

So, join us as we continue to explore more secrets from Australia’s top event organizers in the next half of this guide. The road to mastering the art of event planning is an exciting one, filled with possibilities and transformative experiences!

Strong Negotiation Skills

One of the lesser-highlighted yet significantly crucial skills for an event organizer is the ability to negotiate effectively. Negotiation is at the heart of a successful event planning process, whether it’s bargaining with vendors for the best prices, convincing sponsors to invest, or discussing terms with event partners.

Oliver Hughes from Darwin’s ‘Event Fusion’ is recognized in the industry for his negotiation skills. He advises, “Negotiating isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about finding a mutually beneficial solution. Always enter negotiations with a clear understanding of what you can compromise on and what you cannot.”

A survey by the Event Organisers Network in 2022 found that event planners with strong negotiation skills saved an average of 20% on event costs. These savings can significantly impact the overall budget and open opportunities for enhancing other areas of the event.

Ability to Stay Calm Under Pressure

The world of event planning can often be chaotic and stressful. Tight deadlines, last-minute changes, and potential mishaps – they’re all part and parcel of the industry. The ability to stay calm under pressure is a quality that separates good event organizers from great ones.

Tara Matthews, an acclaimed event organizer from Tasmania’s ‘Events Unleashed,’ emphasizes the importance of maintaining a cool head. “In the heat of the moment, your team, clients, and vendors look up to you. If you panic, they panic. Staying calm helps you think clearly, act promptly, and keep everyone reassured,” she explains.

The Stress and Wellbeing Survey by the Australian Psychological Society (2021) indicated that high-stress levels could impair cognitive functions such as decision-making and problem-solving. For event organizers, who are at the heart of decision-making, it’s crucial to manage stress effectively.


In event planning, even with the most meticulous planning, things can go wrong. The mark of an excellent event organizer lies in their ability to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances and come up with prompt solutions.

Jacob Miller, who leads ‘Vivid Events’ in Canberra, is well-known for his adaptability. “Whether it’s a sudden change in the client’s brief, unexpected weather, or a no-show vendor, you need to think on your feet and adapt quickly,” he suggests.

A report by the Event Management Institute of Australia (2022) revealed that adaptable event organizers are more likely to successfully manage unforeseen circumstances, thereby enhancing the overall success rate of their events.

Passion and Enthusiasm

While this may seem intangible compared to other skills, having genuine passion and enthusiasm for your work can significantly impact your success as an event organizer. Passion drives you to go the extra mile, fuels your creativity, and helps you overcome challenges with a positive attitude.

Sophia Harrison, the dynamic force behind ‘Sophia’s Spectacular Events’ in Queensland, is known for her infectious enthusiasm. She believes, “Passion fuels perseverance. It’s the enthusiasm that makes you push the boundaries, infusing a sense of joy and purpose into your work.”

A global LinkedIn study (2021) highlighted that professionals who are passionate about their jobs are more likely to experience job satisfaction, resulting in higher productivity and greater success rates.

Knowledge and Understanding of the Industry

Lastly, a thorough knowledge and understanding of the event industry are pivotal. This includes being aware of the latest trends, understanding event-related technology, knowing the legal aspects of event planning, and being familiar with event marketing strategies.

Ethan Cooper, the thought leader behind ‘Cooper’s Event Management’ in Melbourne, asserts, “Knowledge is power in the event industry. Keeping up-to-date with the industry trends, and having a solid understanding of the industry fundamentals, sets you up for long-term success.”

According to the Australian Event Awards and Symposium (2022), event organizers who actively stay informed about industry trends and continue to learn and evolve are more likely to create successful and innovative events.

Now that we’ve unveiled the industry secrets of Australia’s top event organizers on how to be an event organizer, it’s time to start your event planning journey. With the right mix of these skills and an undying passion for creating memorable experiences, you’re all set to make your mark in the dynamic world of event planning. As you embark on this exciting path, remember that every event is a new opportunity to learn, grow, and innovate. So, get out there and start creating magic!

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EventsWOW.com is the foremost international leader catered to online B2B and B2C marketplace fervent in exhibitions worldwide to generate effective business leads and earning the integrity of billions of users who will access this website.


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